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PicksLogic is a social sports betting community started by sports fans who wanted to take sports betting to the next level. Our goals were to create a transparent sports handicapping platform to reward top performing experts for sharing their sports predictions with our community.

100% transparency and verified sports experts. All picks are released to the community immediately after the start of each game. Making the picks available to the public insures all records are verifiable and all records are 100% accurate. Whether you are a sports bettor looking to share your picks and or you are a sports bettor looking for for expert help this season, at PicksLogic you can do both.

Track all your bets with our proprietary PicksLogic picks platform and get a full-unedited look into your own history, as well as your peers. Start making your picks, get ranked in the Top 50 and your account is automatically eligible to start selling picks to the community. If you want to buy picks from community, you can track the Top Experts by following the leaderboards and sort the experts by sport, bankroll, or W/L%.

Follow the top handicappers and increase your winning percentage by seeing which game they are wagering or use the PicksLogic consensus to see what all the top experts are saying on each game. Big wins and big losses allow users to move up and down the leaderboard vying for that top position.

Join PicksLogic.com. and let's start covering the spread together!