Silvio Bompan

Age: 43 — Hooversville, PA


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Top 80%
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Top 65%
Top 65%


Minnesota +2.5 (4u) ( vs )
Phoenix -4.5 (3u) (PHX vs UTAH)
Under 42.5 (4u) ( vs )
Carolina +10.5 (3u) ( vs )
LA Chargers -3 (3u) ( vs )


Toronto Raptors
$9,194 (#1)
Northern Colorado Bears
$900 (#2)
Maine Black Bears
$600 (#2)
Lamar Cardinals
$300 (#2)
Philadelphia Eagles
$5,300 (#3)
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More About Silvio Bompan

Silvio Bompan is 43 from Hooversville, PA. Silvio Bompan is an avid sports betting professional with an impressive track record. He has a knack for picking the right teams and timing, which has allowed him to turn a profit on his bets more often than not. He has developed a deep knowledge of the sports he bets on which includes the NBA, NFL, and NCAAF. Silvio prides himself on staying ahead of the curve and is always looking for creative ways to increase his edge over the oddsmakers and often visits sports-related conferences to learn from other professionals. Silvio is a true sports betting enthusiast who puts his heart and soul into every bet he makes.
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Since joining Picks Logic, Silvio's bankroll has increased by $18,576 putting Silvio in the top 16% of the community.

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Silvio Bompan has been a member for 1,946 days and posted a total of 2,936 picks.

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  • NBA Basketball (60% of picks)
  • NCAA Football (21% of picks)
  • NFL Football (19% of picks)