Peter Billingsley

Age: 48 — De Kalb, TX


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Chicago +3 (3u) (CHI vs MIN)
UC Davis -9 (4u) (SAC vs UCDAV)
Cleveland -5.5 (4u) (TOR vs CLE)
Texas A&M +0 (5u) (TEXAM vs IAST)
New York -3.5 (3u) (PHX vs NY)


Sacramento Kings
$10,206 (#1)
Memphis Grizzlies
$9,223 (#1)
Pittsburgh Penguins
$7,200 (#1)
NC State Wolfpack
$5,300 (#1)
Vermont Catamounts
$950 (#1)
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More About Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley is 48 from De Kalb, TX. Peter Billingsley is a sports handicapper from Texas who possesses a unique background. A former oil broker, he honed his skills in the industry before dedicating himself to sports handicapping. His journey started at the University of Oklahoma, where he obtained a degree in finance. As an oil broker, Peter Billingsley gained valuable experience in the financial world. This knowledge proved invaluable in his transition to sports handicapping. He was able to apply his analytical skills and understanding of market dynamics to sports betting. After a successful career in the oil industry, Peter Billingsley decided to pursue his passion for sports handicapping. He dedicated himself to studying teams and players, analyzing trends, and identifying undervalued odds. His expertise allowed him to provide accurate and well-informed betting tips to his clients. Peter Billingsley also conducts thorough research on various sportsbooks and evaluates the odds on where to place bets to maximize profits and minimize losses. His expertise in the sports betting industry enables him to navigate the complex world of odds and betting lines.
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